Already since my youth a big interest in photography appeared with me. What began as a passionate hobby with the visit of numerous photo courses, became later inevitable and without any doubt to my profession.

After the successfully finished education in a advertising agency it nailed up me to Kassel which is still the native country of my choice. Here I worked 7 years as a photo assistant and photographer at a famously  photo studio with the main focus on industrial and commercial photography.

In search of personal and photographic advancement I decided to begin in October 2013 an art study of  “visual communication”  in Kassel and to work freelance as a photographer.

To me the nicest in photography is to give pleasure to people. Besides, the personality and individuality of every is in the foreground with me. Naturalness and a relaxed atmosphere in which one may be has the uppermost priority with me.

„Living photography lets arise new, it never destroys. It announces the dignity of the person. Living photography is already positive in it´s beginnings, it sings a praise song on the life.“

— Berenice Abbot